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TAPCO History

Tapco was founded in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1964 by owner Wilford Roberts.  50+ years of screen and storm window innovation has led to the development of premium TAPCO screens for security and hurricane protection.

TAPCO Products 

TAPCO has a unique advantage over competition - innovation.  Staff and designers continually search for better security solutions and consult with installers in the field to create simple, effective, and elegant products.  TAPCO Screens are made with the highest quality steel and aluminum, because there cannot be compromise in security and storm protection. 

TAPCO Mission 

TAPCO's mission is to secure the lives and wellbeing of people.  We believe our products change the way people live and do business.  We strive to give peace of mind to people, their families, their livelihoods, and offer unprecedented service.  

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