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Become a TAPCO Dealer!

Why Choose TAPCO Screens?

Security screens are the next revolution in security, offering an unprecedented level of peace of mind.  Security screens are not impenetrable, but they create an extremely strong and resilient barrier against physical threats from storm debris, to burglars, to active shooters. No other security product offers this level of protection!  Whether you are seeking to add TAPCO to your existing portfolio of products or want to start a local TAPCO dealership, we are committed to assist you in building your business.  

Price Matters

TAPCO Screens are the best value in security and hurricane screens on the market.  Our screens are highly customizable, yet we maintain a competitive edge over the competition in price, availability, and production time.  We strive to keep our production costs low and pass that savings to the dealer, ultimately to make TAPCO Screens an affordable option for buyers.

Unlimited Growth Potential

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, personalized customer service, and market exposure, TAPCO is ready to help grow your business.  While there is a growing level of competition in the market, TAPCO holds an advantage as a highly customizable, American made, affordable security product.  We are continually seeking to add authorized dealers across the USA.  We work closely with our partners to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of product marketing, assuring our dealers have consistent support and sales opportunities.  

Please note: TAPCO Screens does not offer private-label or co-brand partnerships at this time. 

International Opportunities

We are continually evaluating international markets and export opportunities.  If you are interested in a TAPCO partnership outside of the USA, please contact us.

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